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How It Works

1. Gather Together! Have the angel set up with the book somewhere for your children to find and then gather together as a family.
2. Read It! Read the book together as a family.  If you have older children, maybe you can even get them in on the fun by letting them read the book to the younger ones. 
3. Pick a Name!  Naming your angel can be so much fun.  Pick a name of a person from the bible, an angel, or your child's favorite name.  Get clever! 
4. Move It! Each night while your child is sleeping, move the angel.  You should use toys you already have, or other props around your house as clues to make a bible story come to life. If you have older children, let them join in the planning.  You can't imagine how much they will learn by helping the stories come alive for younger siblings. So many times it is the older children who get the most creative! Use the "Angel Ideas" tab for help planning.
5. Begin the Search!  Each morning your child is to search for the angel. After finding the angel with clues, encourage them to spend the day thinking about what story their angel wants to tell them about a person who waited for Jesus before we did.
6. Story Time!  Each evening, gather as a family to tell the bible story your angel brought for you that day.  Start by letting your child tell what story they think the clues might have been about.  Then read the story from the bible together. 
7. The Advent Adventure! As Advent progresses, the anticipation of the arrival of Jesus should grow until he arrives on Christmas.  Don't forget to search for the angel Christmas morning.  The best gift of all will be the arrival of our King!
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