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The Story Behind My Christmas Angel
As God so often does, he doesn't call the equipped, but instead equips the called.  This book is a testament to the faithfulness of God when he gives his people a mission.  My Christmas Angel was born after having a discussion about how the season of Advent is so often missed in our society and with our children.  I remember talking about how our children need Jesus, but so often are caught up in the desires the world throws at them.  I ended my conversation with the phrase I so often use, "we need to give them what they need, wrapped in what they want".  
That evening in my prayer time, God whispered to my heart the idea of this book.  At the time I gave God all of the excuses: I'm not an author! I don't have time to do this! I certainly can't draw and don't know who could!  I don't have a marketing degree! How will I ever sell it? After giving all of my excuses, I simply sat with the idea for the next couple of months as Christmas approached.  Finally, while I was packing away all of the decorations to store until the next Christmas, I gave God my yes.  That's all he needed.  I didn't have to have all of the answers, or the knowledge of how to accomplish the task, just a "yes Lord, your servant is willing".  Over the course of the next 4 years, God gave me the words to fill the pages, and put every person needed for each task in my life.  This book is all God's!  He simply used me as a vessel to help point the focus of Advent back to his son Jesus!  
I pray that your family, like mine, will grow closer together as you journey through Advent learning about all of the ones who waited for the Messiah long before us.  May you find yourselves joyfully anticipating the arrival of our Savior on Christmas morning. 
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