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Angel Ideas

Parents, the idea of the Christmas Angel is to show our children that Advent is a season of waiting.  The Old Testament is filled with individuals who waited for the savior to arrive.  Click on the character tab for a list of some well-known and some not so well-known Old Testament figures who waited for the day the Savior would arrive.  I have listed the scripture reference and some ideas to use with each person.  However, the list is a guide and can be used to best fit your family. Adapt it to fit the age of your children. Change it up each year or keep it the same, add in special days or traditions your family may already have, as long as our kids keep their focus on waiting for Jesus!  My desire for each of your families is that at the end of Advent, on Christmas morning, your family has taken an adventure together of not only hearing the stories of others who were waiting for Jesus but instilling that same desire, to see their savior, in their hearts. 
For those nights where life happened, or you simply forgot to prepare, click on the "quick ideas" tab to find what to do when you are in a pinch.
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