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Adam & Eve- Leave the angel somewhere eating an apple or walking in a garden or even covered in leaves for clothes.  (Genesis 1-3) We can see in the story of Adam and Eve that they were waiting for a savior because they committed the first sin and were banished from the garden where they were able to walk with God. 
Cain & Abel- Angel can be giving an offering of fruit or can be crying at the death of Abel.  (Genesis 4) How much the world needs a savior now that death and murder have entered.
Noah- Angel can be watching a boat float in a bathtub/sink full of water, or a boat with animals all around could be sitting waiting for each animal to enter the ark.  (Genesis 6:5-9:28)
Abraham & Sarah- God made a 3-fold promise to Abraham when he called him out of the land of UR.  He would give him land, a royal kingdom and a worldwide blessing. He told him to look into the sky and count the starts and his descendants would be more numerous.  Hang stars from the ceiling in one room or build a kingdom with legos, building blocks or some other object.  (Genesis 12-25)
Isaac- Use a doll to portray Isaac laying across a stack of sticks like he is going to be sacrificed.  (Genesis 22)
Jacob- Isaac has twin sons, Esau and Jacob.  Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a pot of stew Jacob is cooking.  The angel could be in the kitchen cooking stew.  Jacob also tricks his father who is old and has lost his sight into giving him the blessing that belongs to Esau by disguising himself.  The angel could be disguised to look like a hunter.  (Genesis 27)
Joseph- Use different colors of felt or yard or construction paper to make a colorful coat for the angel to wear like Joseph’s colorful coat.  Put the angel in a make-shift prison like Joseph was imprisoned by Potiphar.  Use tissue as a blanket to put the angel to sleep.  Then draw speech bubbles on paper and create the dreams of the baker and cupbearer.  (Genesis 37-50)
Moses- Re-enact any of the plagues.  For example, you can get plastic frogs and cover a bathroom with the frogs to represent the plague of frogs.  Use red tissue to symbolize a bush being on fire.  Write the 10 Commandments on 2 pieces of paper and have the angel hold them. During one of the battles the Israelites fought, God told Moses they would win as long as his arms were lifted toward heaven.  He needed help keeping his arms raised for such a lengthy time.  Use toy soldiers set up like they are having a battle and the angel overlooking them with raised arms.  (Exodus 1-31)
Aaron- Make a pile of jewelry and then some type of golden object next to it to represent the golden calf episode.  Have the angel holding a stick and tape some paper buds on it for the sprouted staff of Aaron.  (Genesis 32) (Number 16-17)
Miriam- Make some “sores” on a doll with ketchup or maybe glue for when Miriam questions Moses’ authority.  (Numbers 12)
Joshua- Build a city with legos or blocks and have the walls falling down while an army (toy soldiers) marches around.  (Joshua 6)
Caleb- Moses sends 12 spies into the promised land to bring back a report of what they find.  The men bring back grapes so large they need 2 men to carry them on a stick.  Place grapes on a stick and have the angel holding them. (Numbers 13)
Rahab- When the spies went into the promised land, Rahab hid them on her roof and then let them escape.  As a reward, she hangs a red rope from her window when the Israelite’s attack and she along with her family is saved.  Hang a red rope from the window with the army men all around.  Or use leaves to cover a doll like it is hiding as the spies hid. (Joshua 2 & 6:25)
Gideon- Have toy soldiers drinking from a bowl of water to represent the soldiers being tested to see how they drink water from a stream.  (Judges 6-8)
Samson- Use yarn to put long hair on the angel like Samson’s long hair but have some of it cut off short.  Build a building and have it collapse on top of the angel like Samson.  (Judges 13-16)
Samuel- Samuel was the last judge/first of the prophets and anointed Saul as first king of Israel.  Put a “scepter” in the angel’s hand with a crown on the head of a doll to represent the crowning.  (1 Samuel 1-10)
Saul- Put a crown on the head of the angel to represent the first king of Israel. (1 Samuel 9-10)
David- Let the angel hold a sling shot with a rock for David defeating Goliath.  Have an art project with popsicle sticks to make an Ark of the Covenant.  After making the Ark, play music and instruments to represent David bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem.  (1 Samuel 16-17) (2 Samuel 6)
Solomon- Build a church to signify when Solomon built the first temple in Jerusalem.  (1 Kings 6)
Josiah- During the time of the royal kingdom, Israel faced many dark days with bad kings.  Josiah was a young boy when he became king.  While he was king he discovered the word of God and realized how far the people had drifted.  He had it read and the covenant re-established.  Have the angel holding the Bible open to the story.  (2 Kings 22-23)
Jonah- Have the angel holding a stuffed animal whale.  If you want to do something really fun, use black plastic garbage bags cut open to create a dark “cave” type place with the angel inside to represent Jonah being inside the dark belly of the whale.  (Jonah)
Daniel- Have the angel sitting peacefully with lions.  (Daniel 6)
Shadrack, Meshack & Abednego- King Nebuchadnezzar creates a huge statue of himself and orders all people to bow and worship it.  These 3 men refuse proclaiming that there is no God but the 1 true God.  So, they are thrown into the furnace.  When the soldiers look inside the furnace they see 4 men walking inside the furnace even though they only put 3 inside.  They open the door and the men come out unharmed.  Use a pot with a glass lid on top.  Put 3 figures and the angel inside with red tissue paper to represent the fire.  (Daniel 3)
Zerubbabel- After the Exile of Judah, they Israelites return in waves.  Zerubbabel returns in the first wave and rebuilds the temple that has been destroyed.  If you created a church for Solomon let the angel make some repairs or additions.  If not, you may want to create a church this time.  (Ezra 3-6)
Ezra- During the second wave of the return, Ezra returns to re-establish the covenant and the word of God with the people.  He teaches the people how to come back and start living as God’s people again.  Set the angel up to teach a group of other toy figures.  (Ezra 7-10)
Nehemiah- The third wave of the return has Nehemiah returning to finally secure the walls of the city.  The people had to work with swords in their hands because they were also being attacked.  Let soldiers build city walls.  (Nehemiah 1-5)
Esther- Angel can have a tiara on the head to symbolize being a queen or can be talking to the king who has the crown like Esther had to do in order to save her people.  (Esther)
Jeremiah- Jeremiah was a prophet who said that when the Messiah comes, he would make a new covenant and write it on the hearts of his people.  Make heart shaped cookies, have icing and sprinkles so the kids can decorate their own cookies.  Or just have the supplies out to make cookies with maybe the shape of a heart made with flour on the countertop. Then you can make the cookies together. (Jeremiah 31: 31-34)
Johns the Baptist- John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus’ ministry.  He spent his time out in the desert.  Get some kinetic sand and have the angel playing in it.  (Luke 3)
Jesus!!!- Christmas morning, the angel should be by your nativity manger which has been empty the entire Advent season and now has Jesus lying in it.  (Luke 1-2)
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